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October 06, 2014  •  3 Comments

The MourningThe Mourning

October is here.  It has been here for  a week.  Normally I love fall, the brisk air, the colorful leaves and Halloween.  It's a great month but this year, I'm just not feeling it.  The days feel too short.  The sun sleeps in when I can't.  The air feels cold and I can't help but think of winter.  After all we had a little bit of very early snow mixed with rain this past weekend.   It feels like winter is nipping at my heels.  Time just speeding by.  I'm just not feeling my normal fall joy.

How are you enjoying autumn this year?  Do you also have apprehensions about winter?   Because after last years "polar vortex" I know I do.

Have a great week!







Diane K. Miller, Fine Art Photographs
Thanks Jessica and Sarah. I need to get out this weekend and just look at fall color I think. I just fear it will be over soon and then we'll be in the throes of winter. Winter is beautiful but the cold and the inconveniences it brings...well, I'm just not ready yet.
Sarah B(non-registered)
I know how you feel, but I'm raining hopeful. I love winter just as much as any season. Sure it can get cold but it leads up to a beautiful spring when everything blooms. It is fall rejoice!
Jessica Ledgetop(non-registered)
I'm totally worried about another hard winter. The only good thing about it would be the possibility of the snowy owls coming back. Fall has been pretty in the ADK's so far, but it seems like it's moving along at warp speed. Sigh...
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