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October 01, 2014  •  1 Comment


Last week was a whirlwind of a week and I'm still absorbing all of the information that I received so this post will be brief.  I first spent four days in Boston on business for my compliance job.  Then Friday and Saturday I was at Filter Photo Fest for portfolio reviews.  It was fantastic.  I shared my work with five reviewers and I think I had a different takeaway from each one but the themes and overall impression was more or less the same.

Obviously some liked my work more than others but general discussion seemed to touch on the following themes:

  • My portfolio had too many things going on so I have split it into a two series and the start of a third.
    • My next goal is to build each to 20 images.
  • Create a book or a small catalog (mag cloud) containing the 20 photos from the series.
    • I had one reviewer who was big on books.  Create with 20 images print a nice paperback.  The purpose to help focus on sticking to theme and have a book when you're done.
    • Another reviewer was more a fan of magcloud and that I should do small 5x5 publications there.  They are cheaper and can be printed and sent as a mailer to galleries, etc.  (nice.)
  • Mailings seemed a theme.  I need to market with mailings to galleries, book publishers, etc.  I was also encouraged to not continue with the stock agencies but rather to research and target book publishers directly.

There was more but those were the big themes I'll share.  I have a lot of work and probably need to get organized with a written plan and maybe even some target dates for things so I don't get overwhelmed or distracted.


Have a lovely Wednesday!





Stacy Frett(non-registered)
Glad to see you got some great feedback! Looking forward to seeing more in the future :)
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