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A bit more about me

September 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Brooke Shaden posted these questions on her promoting passion blog Monday.  I thought the answers to her questions would make a good blog post.  So here they are. :-)


1. Favorite places to find wardrobe
- Thrift shops
- Etsy
- Ebay

2. Favorite places to share your work.
- My blog
- Facebook
- 500 px

3. Favorite Lenses
- 50 mm 1.4
- 24-70 f2.8
- 70-200 f2.8

4. Top pieces of advice?
- Strive to create/work just outside your comfort zone.  That is how you progress and move forward.  Meaning learn that new skill your not sure off, try that new technique, take that job that's just a bit of a stretch.
- Don't compare yourself to others. (so much easier said than done and I struggle daily but it's important).
- Create what YOU love.

5. Favorite movies?
- Too hard for specifics.  These are the questions I can over think and then never answer.  I love scifi, comedy and some drama.

6. Favorite places?
- The forest
- On my couch with a cat in my lap (yes, I know, boring)
- New exciting places that I've never been to yet (ie. when not on my couch I love to see new places)

7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
- The beach shoot with Shelly was fantastic and my shot Amphitrite is my favorite of the year so far.


- I also like my photo drowning.  It's an idea I've had for years and just this year knew enough to create it.

- Third would be Endless Hope.

Endless HopeEndless Hope

8. Favorite words?- persnickity
Lately that's it.  I'm not sure what my favorite words are but I know I've enjoyed saying persnickity lately. LOL and I"m not even sure that is a word.
- blemum - only adding because it has meaning that goes way back to me.  I'm also not sure if that is a word but it was engraved on a sign in my parents house. 

9. Top reasons why you create?
- Express and share myself.  I'm not great with words so photography is a great outlet.
- Use a different part of my brain than I do in my day job.
- I just really enjoy it.

10. Best moments so far this year?
- The beach shoot with Shelly.
- Getting to go to a costume sale by the Lyric Opera of Chicago.
- My family vacation to Vancouver - not really photography related but still a highlight of my year.

This weekend I get to help with photography at the Make-A-Wish Chili Cookoff.  I have volunteered for the event the past three years.  If your in Chicagoland, learn more here.



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