A perfect Halloween

November 03, 2014  •  3 Comments

20141031 morgana - 1020141031 morgana - 10 Halloween, my cousin Sarah and I braved the cold do do a photo shoot we had been planning for months.  The day started with snow, which we drove through to get to the Rubio Woods Forest Preserve in Midlothian, IL.  Once there, the snow magically stopped and we were able to photograph some autumn scenes as well as walk through the woods to the abandoned cemetery, which is said to be haunted, and photograph some creepier scenes.

Sarah put together all of the costuming and we planned this for some time discussing themes and sharing inspiration on Pinterest.  We decided to focus on autumn goddesses and went with Demeter and Morgana. Here are just a few images from the day.  I am still working on editing more.


20141031 demeter - 0120141031 demeter - 01 20141031 Sarah Composit 2 - 120141031 Sarah Composit 2 - 1 20141031 morgana - 0320141031 morgana - 03




Gorgeous! I could see these and more as e.g. a calendar, too.
Diane K. Miller, Naperville Portrait Photography
Thanks Sarah! :-) We'll have to talk.
Sarah Bogden(non-registered)
Realistically I think you could do very well with these photos. I've already had some requests that this be made into a calendar form. Perhaps something to consider for further photoshoot(s)? ;)
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