It's my Birthday!

January 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My BirthdayMy Birthday

It's my birthday today so I thought I'd share a collection of self portraits I took last year. Some ask why I do self portraits and the answers are many.

One:  I'm always available to model.

Two:  I am 100% committed and understanding of the final vision I have for the photograph.

Three:  It lets me try new techniques without having to worry about winding up with a bunch of unusable images.   I also get more nervous working with others and so I like to at least know what I'm doing mostly.  Self portraits let me do a trial first.

Four:  They are fun! :-)

As you can see I will use wigs and costuming and sometimes even photoshop to make myself into a character.  So most of my self shots are really more self modeled than self portraits but not always.  



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