Kontinent Awards

May 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

While I have mostly been photographing flowers on their own, I have been submitting my portrait work to a variety of exhibit opportunities, both group and solo and today I just submitted for the Kontinent Awards.  After being bummed that my busy workweek led me to miss the deadline, they sent an e-mail today extending it to Sunday. So I decided I had no excuse since I had been sitting on the sofa with a cat in my lap.


Below is one of the three images I chose to submit.  I chose this one in part because I like it and it means something to me and also in part because all of the reviewers at the portfolio review seemed to really like this one.  So while it didn't draw the same attention as my lake photos of Shelly in blue do, it did draw the attention of gallery owners, etc.  I also submitted two other photos.

Dark PrincessDark Princess

Have a fantastic weekend!!!


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