Day 5 - Glacier Bay

July 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Day 5 - Glacier BayDay 5 - Glacier Bay Clockwise from upper left:  Hanging glacier, Margerie Glacier, Close-up Margerie Glacier, Pacific Grand Glacier


Day 6 in the morning there was scenic cruising in Glacier Bay.  They had people from the park on the ship giving a talk about what we were seeing.  IT was cold but we bundled and watched the view from our private balcony. 

The star of the day was Margerie Glacier, which extended to the water forming a big wall of ice.  You could see the blue int he cracks and crevices of the glacier.  It was absolutely beautiful. 

The other big glacier, which is even larger than Margerie, although it is receding, is the Pacific Grand Glacier.  It is in the lower right of the photos above.  It is brown and does not look like a glacier, even though it is. The ice has picked up much silt and dirt which is common.  you can see it in parts of Margerie, but the Pacific Grand Glacier is covered in it.

I can't share through photos the sounds that glaciers make but it really was quite amazing to hear.





What a beauty
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