Day 7 - Train to Talkeetna and Mt. McKinley

July 29, 2015  •  1 Comment

The ship arrived in Whittier early that morning and we disembarked a little after 6am and immediately boarded our train.  I saw a lot of wildlife and beautiful scenery from the train, but being a moving train, I took no photos.  Animals included dall sheep, a moose laying in the forest, the back of a black bear though he was brown in color, swans with babies, and more common animals such as ducks.  

The train took us North to Talkeetna, a cute little town not far from Mt. McKinnley.  We ate lunch at the brewery where I enjoyed reindeer meatloaf.  I also tried fireweed icecream.  Below is fireweed, a common wildflower, which was growing everywhere.  It was good and had a mild berry like flavor.


Day 8 - FireweedDay 8 - FireweedAlaska

When we finished exploring Talkeetna, we took the shuttle bus to the Princess Mt. McKinley lodge where we ate dinner and spent the night.  We also were lucky to see the peak of Mt. McKinley that evening.


Day 7 -  Denali PeakDay 7 - Denali PeakAlaska

More to come next week - Denali and Fairbanks! Then I'll share the texture pack.


Wow, fireweed icecream, i think I would not be so courageous to try :) Chocolate is chocolate ;) But the flowers look beautiful in that light.
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