Day 9 - Fairbanks

August 05, 2015  •  2 Comments

Fairbanks was our last stop and we spent two nights here and rented a car.  All that said, I didn't take as many photographs in Fairbanks.  Or I should say most photos i took were from my phone and can be found on Instagram at @theshutterbugeye  Our first stop was a riverboat tour.  It was fun and educational but I was honestly ready for the tours to be over at this point.  Then we checked into our hotel and rented a car. 

While in Fairbanks we ate at The Turtle Club for dinner.  This was recommended by the cab driver that took my husband to pick up the rental car.  She said it was not touristy and had great prime rib.  She was right!  I recommend it if you are in Fairbanks and have a car as it's a bit on the outskirts.

We also stopped by a point where you can see the Alaskan Pipeline.  It was 9:30 at night but broad daylight.  It was also neat to see the engineering of how it would handle an earthquake.

There was an antique car museum that was on the property of the lodge/resort.  It had so many neat old cars as well as clothing for each period.

We drove up to North Pole Alaska but Santa wasn't home.  We did meet some of his reindeer.

There were also some wild wetland areas for birds.  Lots of sandhill cranes in the one spot.  My walk through mosquito infested forest only led me to gulls.

Day 10 and on - FairbanksDay 10 and on - FairbanksAlaska

We flew home from Fairbanks.  This trip was really amazing and so varied.  I'd highly recommend it, though if I could do it again, I'd likely have rented a car earlier and did the land portion more on our own.  But the tours were nice too.

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Lovely trip you had. I prefer wandering on my own to organised tours, but sometimes the tours can be interesting too and lead to places I would not find othervise.
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