Diane K. Miller, Fine Art Photographs | Prints

Fine art prints of any of the images on this website are available.  To order, please visit me on Etsy to use major credit cards or Paypal on available photos or contact me to let me know what image you are interested in, the size and the paper.  If you would like to discuss the different options, please leave contact information.  Invoicing is through Paypal for direct sales.   Prices are subject to change.  Not all work may be available.


The following sizes are available depending on the format of the image.  All prints are open edition and printed on a high quality fine art velvet paper. 

8x10 inch velvet prints          $  235
10x10 inch velvet prints        $  250
16x16 inch velvet prints        $  425

16x20 inch velvet prints        $  500
20x20 inch velvet prints        $  675
16x24 inch velvet prints
         $  675



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